Technology, Consciousness and Evolution

In this Online Masterclass, you will discover how to…

Take control of your own story and the part you are playing in the story of humanity and turn it into an ever-evolving adventure toward higher states of consciousness and capability beyond anything technology will ever achieve

Choose each and every day how much of yourself you give away to technology, and how to actively engage in the exploration and evolution of your own super-capacities instead on the path to discovering who you truly are

Access and program the operating system of your own body and brain, allowing you to regulate your nervous system, as well as your emotions and perceptions, and the epigenetic triggers of your body

Overcome the false and limiting messages “gene myths” send to you as you live your life

Use thoughts that are more powerful than the most effective drugs to affect and heal virtually any bodily system

Use the Power of Eight to experience instantaneous and miraculous healings of long-standing and serious health conditions, the mending of estranged relationships, and a renewed sense of life purpose.

Technology, Consciousness and Evolution

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