Building Bridges

BB4planet is a platform for people driven by a simple purpose, making our planet a better place for all. Our Vision is achieving a sustainable way of living supporting systemic change moving from the current competition-like model into a new paradigm based on cooperation. Our Mission is providing the tools to connect individuals to purpose by co-creating conscious communities

Our Blueprint

Easy-to-access and easy-to-use tools understanding our footprint to make a difference

Reconnect with Nature

Embracing change as a way of transformation to reconnect to our planet

Everyone is welcome

A network of people connecting, promoting and facilitating cross-border cooperation for collective impact

Follow the GAIA Path

Any of this resonate? Meet GAIA, Global Awakening Interconnected Alliance, is the Natural Way of Co-creating in harmony, It's the GAIA Path. Whether you want to raise awareness, looking for inspiration or willing to contribute, the Gaia Path is a channel to authenticity and alignment to your purpose as an individual and as a collective

BB4Planet and Gaia are merging to create the new GAIA UNION, a collaborative community from both sides of the Atlantic bridging the Eastern and Western worlds into a new Renaissance


A team of conscious entrepreneurs applying our expertise to co-create innovative models to support collaborative circular ecosystems working along the planet for the benefit of future generations to come
David Parejo - Soul

David Parejo - Soul


Over twenty years’ international business development experience. A first-rate business analyst with a multilingual international management background.

Pedro Jurado - Mind

Pedro Jurado - Mind


More than fifteen years of technical leadership experience. An experienced consultant CTO with a broad technology and management understanding.

Adam Shaw - Heart

Adam Shaw - Heart


Adam Shaw is The Heart Guy, he runs networking events, gets people pitch ready for funding and helps his clients to improve their public speaking.