Gaia Journey

Co-creation happens when we leave our ego-mind aside and level up our consciousness  through a lifelong learning journey creating an infinite loop between personal development and collective growth. 

U Change

Be the Change you wish to see in the world, integrating conscious programs to co-create a more sustainable way of living

  • U Change


    We believe it is possible to create results  that serve the wellbeing of all.

    We co-create innovation labs, deliver capacity building programs and conduct action research worldwide in order to support and scale profound societal innovation.

    Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, the process shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed …

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  • U Change


    Theory of Change is to make “everyone a changemaker.” To help create a world where everyone has the freedom, confidence, and skills to turn challenges into solutions. This allows each person the fullest, richest life.

    Identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks …

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  • U Change


    GAIA Journey is a series of monthly sessions, each focusing on a specific area for societal transformation and planetary healing.  Together we move through practices of global sense-making, leaning into the current disruptions, and moving into clearer intentions and action confidence. It’s time for civilizational renewal.

    With major disruptions such as the global Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and widespread inequality and …

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Bouncing Beyond CO2

Transcending the CO2 based economy, like-minded people getting together, expanding their comfort zone switching from survival into thriving, an authentic way of co-creation

  • Bouncing Beyond CO2


    Regeneration 4 Generations
    Our vision is to contribute to an inter-connected, inclusive and harmonious society, which creates co-beneficial interactions with the planet and within each other.

    On a mission to become good ancestors
    We support building healthy collaboration in groups with people from diverse backgrounds by facilitating environments of trust and connection, equipping and offering tools and guiding towards co-creation of an own …

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  • Bouncing Beyond CO2


    Purpose Launchpad is an open methodology and a mindset to generate and evolve early-stage initiatives into purpose-driven organizations to make a massive impact.

    Purpose Launchpad is part of an ecosystem compound by a set of organizations that share the same community and serve a common purpose:

    Empowering extraordinary people to create a better future!

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  • Bouncing Beyond CO2


    Tendrel Oasis is a space abundant in the time and resources you need to flourish as a social impact leader. It’s a constructive environment where peers serve as caring coaches and thoughtful mentors who help each other cultivate the leadership skills required for effecting radical impact, now.

    Collaboration takes off in the Tendrel Forums—then our global collaboration network takes it to …

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An eCOsystem integrating CO-working and CO-learning into a new sustainable way of CO-living supporting equilibrium between On-line and On-land resources. Safe Physical Spaces where we all can CO-create and thrive

  • e-CO3

    ‘Enchanted’ Selgars

    Selgars Mill Estate is a private hire venue located in the Culm Valley of Mid Devon. We host team building retreats, corporate offsites, workations, slow coliving, weddings, wellness retreats, nature immersions, educational and leadership programmes, families, school groups, local events, holiday rentals and our very own re:build and enchanted village gatherings.

    At Selgars, we think of nature as a canvas and …

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  • e-CO3

    House of Transformation

    House of Transformation is first and foremost a creative space for experimentation. We host a wide range of co-created cultural, educational and community events.

    We are building an ecosystem of regenerative places and projects that enable people of all ages and cultures to live and work with greater wellbeing, purpose and connection to nature. 

    RE:IMAGINING SPACE to enhance wellbeing, …

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  • e-CO3



    We are not from the rural world. But we have realised that we need it more than ever. We want to stop chasing what we lack, and enjoy what we have.

    The rural world teaches us to …

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