Gaia Points

Gaia Points

Reward points are our way of thanking you for being part of our community, helping to co-create it, spreading the word and supporting the SDGs. Every 100 Gaia points earnt is equivalent to £1/1$/1€ in value and can be exchanged for different products and services offered by our community

By being an active member of the community you can earn Gaia Points and become a Gaia Champion, that’s how! You automatically earn points every time you make comments, you support any of our initiatives or make any order from any of the sustainable initiatives. You get even more Gaia points by sharing our community with your social media networks, so don’t be shy!

Gaia points can be exchanged at any recommended product and service on our platform. At your Gaia Profile page you´ll see your Gaia Points that could be used directly or through discount codes provided by the recommended partners “+ Use your Gaia points!” button and simply enter the number of points you wish to exchange. The cash value will be deducted from the final cost.
You can also use your Gaia points as tokens of appreciation to give away to friends and family members or to a good cause through social impact organizations

A good example is the exchange of Gaia points to compensate your carbon footprint. On average, an European citizen has a carbon footprint of 10TN of CO2e per year. That is the equivalent of 10 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere in a year for our daily activities. One way to compensate that is through carbon credits, where one carbon credit equals 1 tonne of CO2 emissions avoided thanks to support projects that are environmentally friendly. An average market price for 1 Carbon Credit is approx. £10\$10\10€ Therefore you would need £100\$100\100€ to compensate your carbon footprint for a whole year. You can exchange your Gaia points for Carbon Credits, with 1000 Gaia points you can become a climate positive member for a whole month

When you have 10000 Gaia points, you can exchange them for carbon credits through our United Nations authorised partner becoming climate positive for a whole year. Those members will become Gaia Champions

Any member of the Gaia community can become a Gaia Champion, just complete your Gaia Book and raise your Gaia profile to the highest level

Share your Gaia invite code with friends to get free reward points. You can find your personal Gaia promo code in your profile. Copy and paste the code to your friends, family via social media, WhatsApp or text. When they join for the first time and use your code, you’ll receive Gaia points

Gaia points do not have a life limit, therefore as long as you do not delete your Gaia account, you will keep them

We are working to have agreements with all our partners supporting responsible consumption to enable an exchange with Gaia points. More and more ways of exchange will be added shortly