BB4planet is a bunch of tools that connects information, content and initiatives supporting sustainability and the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

A community of conscious people with the purpose to become the grandest version of the greatest vision of their true self unlocking their full potential co-creating and contributing to achieve abundance for all. Start your journey at Gaia Community.

Gaia Union is a collaborative community bringing together Eastern and Western cultures and wisdom from both side of the Atlantic, find out more about our journey from another Perspective.

This is an alive platform that will evolve with the community. Everyone develops a sense of belonging helping each other to grow together as a conscious community

Purpose driven people with a high level of trust sensing everything from a broader perspective as a whole with no separateness willing to support collective impact to achieve a sustainable way of living

All members can co-create contributing to take the platform to the next level. Giving feedback, providing content, links to other programs and initiatives that are aligned to our common goal to achieve a sustainable way of living. This very FAQ might be quite different in the future following the community flow. Start your journey at Gaia Community.

It is the natural way of growth as individuals and as a community playing along the planet and timelessly looking after the regeneration of our resources 

A matrix of 17 global goals issued by the United Nations at the Paris Agreement back in 2015 which main aim is to achieve a sustainable way of living. Our Gaiapedia can give you a better idea

Online free open resources, information and knowledge around sustainability, SDGs and social entrepreneurs. Check it out Gaiapedia

Change starts with small actions at an individual level from daily activities supporting responsible consumption and sharing sustainable initiatives. Raising awareness and starting your journey at Gaia Community.

Showing sustainable products, services and the inspiring stories behind them as a way to promote responsible consumption. Check it out Gaia Catalogue

There are many ways to help to achieve the SDGs becoming part of bigger communities to support collective impact. You can find a few ways on Gaia Ecosystems

Integration of social impact initiatives, movements and communities seeking a sustainable way of living contributing with abundance for all. Check it out Gaia Ecosystems

Feel free to navigate and get familiar with all resources. If time is an issue, we recommend to follow the Gaia Path where we can guide you during your Gaia Journey building up your Gaia Book

It is the natural way of being in balance. It is a way to seek coherence between heart, mind, body and soul, finding balance between being and doing, merging our personal and professional duality into one persona. Just follow your intuition and take the ´Red pill´ at the Gaia Path

Online training resources to guide your individual development expanding your comfort zone to achieve collective growth. Check it out Gaia Journey

Guiding your journey to transform knowledge into wisdom becoming a conscious individual ready to co-create and contribute towards a sustainable way of living with abundance for all. Check it out Gaia Book

It is entirely up to you. If any of this resonates with you, go ahead and give it a try. If not, you can come back when the time is right. This is just another channel to help members to remember that we are all special, unique and part of a whole, with the power to live an extraordinary life plenty of bliss and happiness surrounded by loving and inspiring people. 

The Gaia profile defines your true self remarking all your activities, paid or altruists, towards a sustainable way of living. 

We provide easy to use tools to show your most human and authentic side. Rewarding good behaviour and good actions, training, actions, shares can be rewarded by Gaia points, see Gaia profile

Gaia points are our way of thanking you for being part of our community, helping to co-create it, spreading the word and supporting the SDGs.

You are free to chose how to interact with us and with the community. Follow your intuition at the Gaia Path or pick your role within the Gaia Network. You can also be part of the conversation at our Gaia Union Discord channel.