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Guiding your journey to become a conscious individual pursuing your purpose integrating all your achievements to make a real difference


Seeking your higher self in an interactive and unique journey transforming knowledge into wisdom to become a conscious persona

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    Our most popular program, the Golden Path is made up of 3 courageous journeys that will expand your mind and open your heart to undreamed of possibilities. The Golden Path Series will change the way you see the world.

    Part 1 shows you a clear route to living a life with a deep sense of purpose through tackling your challenges head-on and …

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    “It’s so incredible to finally be understood.”
    Take our Personality Test and get a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.

    Explore your personality traits and learn how to leverage them in order to grow as a person.

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    True Self

    We bring together spiritual Seekers, Initiates, and Mystics for self-mastery by learning the mystic arts, balancing our energetic fields, and awakening our higher consciousness so that we can create transformative and healing change within ourselves and across our beautiful planet.

    This is a sacred space free of judgement, harassment, or cruelty of any kind. When you enter into this community space, …

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Personal Development

Unleashing the best in you finding your True Self with this powerful science-based personal development platform through the world’s best programs in every category of human transformation

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    Our education system doesn’t prepare us for the world today. We fill the gap with a platform that does.

    Mindvalley is the largest online personal growth platform in the world. Choose from hundreds of personal growth programs and transformative content taught by brilliant minds, with results that stick.

    We’re creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become …

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    Discover the 4-step process to redesign your life and get crystal clear on what you desire to achieve in 12 different areas of your life.

    Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships – but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfillment.

    Lifebook takes you on an eye-opening …

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    Lifebook Español

    ¿Estás viviendo tu mejor vida en este momento… ¿O …

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Transformational Learning

Unlocking your full potential to to understand our purpose in life finding balance and coherence between mind, heart, body and soul.

  • Transformational Learning

    Humanity’s team

    Typical education programs teach a skill to be used in very specific situations.

    Humanity’s Team programs instill a state of being applicable to each moment of every situation.
    We focus on providing translations of universal truths, rooted in perspectives ranging from mysticism to science.

    Our mission is to awaken the world to oneness in this generation, and these courses offer excellent paths for …

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  • Transformational Learning

    Forbidden Science

    According to the evidence, it appears our Universe is alive and intelligent (just like us), and that we aren’t the result of random mutations after all. For the first time, enough evidence has emerged to give us a clearer picture than we’ve ever had before of who we truly are and why we are here.

    Recent scientific breakthroughs suggest …

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    Ciencia Prohibida

    La Auténtica Verdad sobre Nuestro Orígen, Historia, Suerte y Destino

    Descubre nuevas respuestas reveladoras a las eternas preguntas de Quién eres, por qué estás aquí, y Hacia dónde te diriges. Con GREGG BRADEN, el científico y autor de mayor ventas del New York Times, …

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