Awaken Species

Have you ever felt the whispers of a higher purpose calling out to you?

Do you feel a hunger in your soul for a deeper sense of connection to both your Higher Self, and everything and everyone around you?

And does it ever feel like the chaos, illusions, and negative energies surrounding you are somehow holding you back from discovering your true path and nature?

According to bestselling author and spiritual luminary Neale Donald Walsch, a spiritual awakening is the highest and most fulfilling calling of every human being.

But you don’t need to be a monk or a shaman in order to experience one. Nor do you need to give up your goals and dreams.

Instead, there is a simple and reliable process: one that meets you where you’re at, and ascends you towards the paradigm of unconditional love, connection, and contribution you were born to embody.

Neale’s Awaken The Species program guides you through every step of this process – so you can finally transcend your pain and struggles. Awaken your fullest human potential. And embrace your life as a Highly Evolved Being.

Awaken Species

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