4D Sustainability Canvas

We envision a new economic system where the success of a company is measured by the value created for the society and the planet.

Sustainability is not a buzzword. It is the only way businesses can create value and survive long term. Value creation extends to all stakeholders including the biosphere and future generations, as opposed to the current paradigm of temporarily enriching shareholders. Our mission is to embed this vision into the core of all business models.

The 4D Sustainability Canvas, offers a simplified and affordable solution for small and medium-sized companies to take their first steps in that direction, yet we would like to go beyond offering a methodology, our long-term goal is to redefine the role of business in a collective effort.

Together we can achieve much more, we created this space for professionals and companies working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals to showcase their services and be able to connect with each other and SME’s.

4D Sustainability Canvas

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