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  • Impact Initiatives


    Purpose Launchpad is an open methodology and a mindset to generate and evolve early-stage initiatives into purpose-driven organizations to make a massive impact.

    Purpose Launchpad is part of an ecosystem compound by a set of organizations that share the same community and serve a common purpose:

    Empowering extraordinary people to create a better future!

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  • Collective Impact

    Social Impact

    We live in a unique era of human progress. Extreme poverty, malnutrition, violence, and infectious disease have plummeted, while life expectancy, literacy rates, and electricity access have soared. Yet, severe inequalities in income, health, education, and representation disadvantage billions around the world. Meanwhile, humanity’s growing ecological footprint is threatening many of the natural systems we all depend on—such as climate, …

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  • Regenerative Communities


    We believe in a future without war, in love without fear, and work to build Terra Nova by creating Healing Biotopes as centers to research and model a new planetary culture, with strong ethical foundations.

    Empower people around the world to build a regenerative, nonviolent culture by:

    researching the ethical, social, sexual, ecological, technological and economic foundations, and creating a replicable model …

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  • Impact Initiatives


    Tendrel Oasis is a space abundant in the time and resources you need to flourish as a social impact leader. It’s a constructive environment where peers serve as caring coaches and thoughtful mentors who help each other cultivate the leadership skills required for effecting radical impact, now.

    Collaboration takes off in the Tendrel Forums—then our global collaboration network takes it to …

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